It’s been over 3 years since I gave up on this blog and my countdown of my favorite films of 2013, and it’s been almost equally as long since I’ve done writing of such regular consistency and substantial length. The abandonment was a result of a mixture of an increasingly busy schedule, as well as completely overextending my reach. Enjoyable as it was, it became more and more time consuming, and I found myself wary of dedicating more time to it.

But here I am, back again, and with renewed vigor and determination to try once more. In this new year as I look for more outlets for my creative impulses and tendencies, it makes sense to give it another go. And, truth be told, I feel a little more committed now. I believe it will not only challenge me to regularly put my thoughts to words, but to be a bit more concise and easily digestible (those of you who might have been among my 4 readers the last time around know this is a frequent problem of mine).

I’ve got a plan that I hope to see through. I’m not just content to do some year-end/best of lists, I’d like to frequently write reviews as well. Most likely I’m setting my sights too high and overextending myself once more, but I’d love to write about not only films I’m seeing for the first time, but things I’m revisiting, and even television shows. So, the idea isn’t just to continue, but to expand the blog and give it a little more depth and diversity in content. Anyway, it’s ambitious, I know, but I’m going to start off a little slow with my top movie moments of the past year in two parts and then a condensed top 25 of 2016 in increments of 5. Hopefully, once I’ve completed that, I’ll be driven to move forward and, I also hope, you’ll join me along the way!

Let’s start this over.